Friday, April 3, 2009

i've lost everything but i still have love.

Work is not going good. It is very slow in the service industry. With that being said, my phone will be shut off April 10 and i am losing my car. i do not know how i will be getting to work. i am very grateful for graflin because i do not have to pay rent, he pays for my food, clothes, etc....

his business is doing horrible too. times are really hard but at least i still have family and one of the best boyfriends ever.

i'm going to be riding the bus to and from work when graflin can not take me to work. what is happening in this world? i've been a massage therapist for nine years and making great money but now, nothing. i barely make $100 a week. i'm trying to look for another job. but, with everyone losing jobs left and right, you're lucky to get a cashier or waitress job. people with master's degrees are fighting to work at kroger.

the end is near but i'm happy to know i'm loved and i can still love.

miss you guys. take care.