Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time no chat.

It's been awhile since I wrote on here. I have a lot to catch up on. To be continued....

Monday, January 4, 2010


What year this is going to be. I am living with Donica again and opened a business November 13, 2009. Opening a business is a lot harder than i expected but I love it. My whole perspective on business owners has changed. I hate payday and the first of the month. Why? Well, I don't get paid and bills are kicking my ass at the first of the month. Is it always this hard opening a new business?

No matter what, it's all worth it and such a great learning experience. I'm ready for what is ahead. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Graflin, the best friends anyone could ever ask for, and the best family on this Earth.

I love all off you.

Monday, May 11, 2009


looking back.

i just look Back at all the pictures and think of what i have gotten to experience and it always makes me feel good and love life and know i'll get through this. this too shall pass.

just a blah blog.

my heart pounds, i take a deep breath. i procrastinate as a type this blog. i realize i am selfish. i always knew it but not as much as i realize now.

i lost my car. 29 years old. lost my first car. the guy came and towed it yesterday. 45 days late and bam! that bitch was gone. lol that incident showed me a lot. my first thought to myself "GET WITH IT AMANDA". "these are just things. stop being selfish anout what YOU"VE lost, amanda."

wtf just happened here? my car? my job? all gone.

9 years i've been a massage therapist and living the life!! 4 days a week, great income, traveling, fun fun fun!!

but now, nobody gets a massage anymore. it's like a ghost town fog came over my career. so sureal. NOBODY to massage.

of course i read and hear oh the economy this the economy that. i have been a prisioner of the economy. oh me oh my. what's a girl to do? boo fucking hoo.

i dwelled in my sorrows enough. i'm getting with this program. get me outta this hell!! i hate this feeling!!

to be continued on a better note....
a note that sings higher than the highest of tunes. i'm ready.


Friday, April 3, 2009

i've lost everything but i still have love.

Work is not going good. It is very slow in the service industry. With that being said, my phone will be shut off April 10 and i am losing my car. i do not know how i will be getting to work. i am very grateful for graflin because i do not have to pay rent, he pays for my food, clothes, etc....

his business is doing horrible too. times are really hard but at least i still have family and one of the best boyfriends ever.

i'm going to be riding the bus to and from work when graflin can not take me to work. what is happening in this world? i've been a massage therapist for nine years and making great money but now, nothing. i barely make $100 a week. i'm trying to look for another job. but, with everyone losing jobs left and right, you're lucky to get a cashier or waitress job. people with master's degrees are fighting to work at kroger.

the end is near but i'm happy to know i'm loved and i can still love.

miss you guys. take care.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Southern Women Show

I got a new job and I love it!! I am working now at Studio LaRue. Studio LaRue is a huge sponsor for the Southern Women Show. With that being said I am working all weekend long doing chair massages for $1 a minute. I finished my second day today and could not believe how huge this show is. WOW!! All women from all over the south coming out of the wood works for this one. Friday, I did 45 chair massages. I started at 10 AM and left at 630 PM. It was such a great experience for me. It was some of the hardest work I have ever done but such and amazing day that I will never forget. My favorite women to watch are the ones who are in the red hat club. I love to see these ladies walking around together loving life.

I'll post pictures Sunday and talk about the whole weekend then. Going to bed. Until then, good night!!