Monday, May 11, 2009

just a blah blog.

my heart pounds, i take a deep breath. i procrastinate as a type this blog. i realize i am selfish. i always knew it but not as much as i realize now.

i lost my car. 29 years old. lost my first car. the guy came and towed it yesterday. 45 days late and bam! that bitch was gone. lol that incident showed me a lot. my first thought to myself "GET WITH IT AMANDA". "these are just things. stop being selfish anout what YOU"VE lost, amanda."

wtf just happened here? my car? my job? all gone.

9 years i've been a massage therapist and living the life!! 4 days a week, great income, traveling, fun fun fun!!

but now, nobody gets a massage anymore. it's like a ghost town fog came over my career. so sureal. NOBODY to massage.

of course i read and hear oh the economy this the economy that. i have been a prisioner of the economy. oh me oh my. what's a girl to do? boo fucking hoo.

i dwelled in my sorrows enough. i'm getting with this program. get me outta this hell!! i hate this feeling!!

to be continued on a better note....
a note that sings higher than the highest of tunes. i'm ready.



  1. Hey Amanda!
    I lost my job last October because of the economy and have not been able to find anything since. I hear ya girl! It is hard and can be depressing but know you are not alone!

  2. You are not alone - you have a zillion friends and family. I got your message on mother's day but I could not buy any credit for my phone to call you as all the minutes had been bought around here - ok - no I do not get it but I just go with the flow around here. I love ya, be home soon, mom