Wednesday, January 14, 2009

14 degrees tomorrow

It's going to be 14 degrees tomorrow. The high 14!! In Memphis. MEMPHIS!!!! Saying and thinking that word in the way i spelled it makes me think of my brothers making fun of me. Love it. Anyway, damn. It's freaking cold. Tonight I watched the most amazing concert for the 1298341278362122 time. Beth Hart. If you haven't heard about her i encourage you to watch her Live at the paridiso DVD. YOU"LL LOVE IT.

I've moved in with Graflin in much of a faster pace because of my father. All is well. Even though I go a lil crazy, dad is packing my stuff for FREE and less stress for free or is it? I laugh because my friends who have always told me. "be nice to your dad, he's a nice guy." are now saying "when is he leaving again?"

i laugh!!

I have never been happier. Life just feels right. I wanna know how to love. i wanna know how t love my brothers, my mother, my lover... even when the voices in my head are telling me that I'm shit. I wanna learn. I think we can do that if we pray and love. I love GOD. I'll leave that light on. Lyrics by Beth Hart I never will forget.


  1. Still cold? It is still cold here. Control your father. He called three times in 8 minutes, thought you had died. He said something about a stalker, are you lying to him?

  2. Ok...there is no controlling your father. I am the expert at having tried. It is better to just roll with the punches. So are you moved yet amanda? all is well? It was a beautiful sunshiny day here. I am sweating. I have not turned on the air conditioner at all. Nights are cool enough with the windows open and fan on. Have you ever heard of Jill Holly? she sang here and I thought you would like her. Love ya, mom

  3. hahahah!! no david. he did not listen to me at all. no stalker. he's losing it. you will be getting your taste of him soon. you are lucky you only get to deal with him for three days instead of two months.