Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got to talk to mom tonight.

Yay!! Felt great to talk to to mom tonight. I got to talk to her lover, Enesto tonight. I am so happy for many reasons. Living with Graflin and feeling stability again in a long time even though I still haven't found a job yet. The economy is so bad here. The crime in Memphis is getting worse and worse everyday. Crime everywhere but I'm still keeping my head up and hoping things get better in the job area. Barely making with house call massages and doing entertainment for a few clubs and restaurants here.

Dad is finally leaving memphis Thursday. Yippee!! Two months of seeing him everyday in my apartment was a test. A test of patience that I didn't do so well in but if you knew my dad I think you would understand. It worked out though. I made it out alive. ;-) ha

Off to a better subject....
I got bangs!! First time since the 80's dude!! Posted pic above. I'm feeling the bangs so you know I got to strut my stuff.

Love and miss everyone!!


  1. two we have to address it as lover, sounds terrible

    Glad dad paid attention to when I told him he could come anyday but Thursday. Not about me though, about you two

  2. Amanda, I love your bangs! Please keep them - you look really good with them!


  3. I love the bangs! When ya gonna come visit your Mom!! Don't come in March because I will be back in San Diego for 3 weeks. Come in April, yea birthday time!!!!!!!!!!!