Thursday, February 5, 2009

R.I.P. Betty // 04.06.35 - 02.04.09

I remember as a child with my lil brother, David, how excited and anxious I got when we left Nebraska to drive to our hometown, Boone, IA. We had much fun visiting Uncle Jerry, all our cousins, and Aunt Betty. I remember her little bitty house, the room with all her dolls in it. awesome!! I would just stare at the dolls wanting to play with them something fierce knowing I couldn't because they were for show only. I never understood at the time why I could only look but not touch the flawless dolls. I always thought, why not play with dolls? What's the use of having dolls if you can't touch or love on them? Just one of Betty's memoriable rules.

I loved how David, Travis, and I would walk to the parks and play for hours. We would play until the sun would set. Rushing to get home I could almost smell Betty's cooking and hear my family's laugh. After we would come inside I remember hearing Betty say "Go wash your hands and come eat." Meatloaf!! My favorite. Betty could cook. She lived for it. She was the one who would plan and cook every meal when we would visit. She was the rock on my dad's side. My favorite.

Great memories I never will forget. Many more too. I'll see and remember those in my dreams to come.


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  1. Amanda, I am sorry that your aunt Betty died. She was a good woman and she was a good person to you.I know you will miss her. Good memories and a good blog! I love you and miss you. love, mom