Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yay for Saturday nights.

Finally. Feb. 21 is here!! I have a big party tonight at Nocturnal. Let's hope we can pack this place out. I'll be taking pictures tonight. I'll post them when I upload. Things are going great here. Got an ok job (hey!! it's a job and I'm glad I have one. ) and I started working out again. I'll be turning 29 in two months and I swore to myself I will not be overweight. I'm doing cardio and using a kettlebell. Google it if you don't know what it is. They are awesome and I love it.

I won't be able to come to Belize in April due to my job. :-( I'm very upset about this but, what can a girl do? I miss mom terribly. <3

Graflin and I decided to build shelves and make our pantry bigger. We also decided to plant a garden together as soon as the weather warms up. I think this will be fun and a learning / bonding time as well.

Miss everyone and hope all is well with others.


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  1. oh no. everyone here was anxiously awaiting your arrival - including me! this is not good news. I understand but many will be sad. love ya.